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Low Brass Listening Lists

Low Brass Listening Lists: Listening to great musicians is one of the best ways to learn! The lists we provided are a great starting place for your listening. They by no means have all the great things you should listen to on the internet. Explore YouTube and Spotify and find more examples of things to listen to!

Here is a list of things to consider when listening to/watching performances:

· What does their tone sound like?

· What do the articulations sound like?

· How are the performers blending together?

· What is the dynamic range of the performance?

· What does their posture look like?

· What does their valve/slide technique look like?

· How are the performers using movement to help play together?

· When listening to the jazz players, try transcribing what they play so you can analyze what they are doing over particular chords, and see if you can notice any repeated ideas or patterns!

Tenor Trombone Playlist:

Bass Trombone Playlist:

Jazz Trombone Playlist:

Euphonium Playlist:

Tuba Playlist:

Low Brass Excerpts/Low Brass Ensemble Playlist:

From the UWSP Honor Band 2020 Masterclass: Seth Mahoney, Holden Midyett, Elijah Schuh, Caleb Deleske, and Dr. Lawrence.

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