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Alumni Profile -- Samuel Puffer

Sam Puffer grew up in Land O Lakes, WI and graduated from UWSP in the Fall of 2018 with a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education. During his time at UWSP, Sam volunteered with the Very Young Composers of Central Wisconsin Project for two years and spent a year working in the local student-run radio station, 90FM. Sam owes his successes to the professors in the UWSP music program, primarily to his low brass and music education instructor, Dr. Patrick Lawrence.

In early 2019, Mr. Puffer was hired as the 6-12 Band Director in the School District of Athens, WI and is still teaching there today. His favorite pastimes include learning new & unique instruments, Star Wars, and his cat, Leo.

While you can never be completely prepared for your first [teaching] gig, the music program at UWSP will set you up for success as a musician and professional.

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