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Alumni Profile -- Chelsee Moe (Nee. Niedfeldt)

Hometown: Stoughton WI

UWSP Graduation: 2012

I am currently teaching high school band at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. I am starting my 8th year at Eastlake. During my time at Eastlake the program has grown from 45 students to 200! I used to teach elementary band as well, but am now teaching only high school due to the program growth. I teach 4 sections of concert band and a section of jazz band. We also have a non-competitive marching band.

Since leaving the state and meeting music educators who have a variety of university experiences, I'm glad to have gone to UWSP. I know people who didn't have the opportunity to study all of the wind instruments or learn proper maintenance at their university. I still share stories with my students about the kindness shown by professors and the many lessons I learned. After a number of years off, I have found a community band to play in for the past two years. It feels great to get my euphonium out and remember why making music is so fun. Many Thanks! Chelsee.

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