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There are two steps to becoming a music major/minor:


  1. Connect with the music department. 


  • Complete this form so we know who you are and what you play:


Auditioning at UWSP

The audition is designed to be as straightforward and painless as possible. The 10-minute audition should include One or two pieces in contrasting style including technical and lyrical sections, major scales (usually up to three flats and sharps), a chromatic scale, and sight-reading. Additional music scholarships are awarded following auditions.


Dr. Lawrence is more than willing to help select audition repertoire, help prepare you for the audition with a free lesson, or answer any questions about the process.


You can easily schedule an online lesson with me here!  Simply select a date and time and enter your contact info below.  You’ll get an email confirmation with a Zoom link.


   2. Apply to UWSP



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